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Good Friday was Better Than Good

The Good Friday FNL was really eventful!  Nyla Carpentier taught everyone some sweet pow wow dancing moves, and then we got ready for JCS movie-watching and sing-a-long.  Of course, you can’t have a movie without popcorn.  Apparently the steam from our popcorn machine sets off the fire alarm, though.  FNL guests (and the nearby homes) were ‘treated’ to the sounds […]

Matt’s Incredible 24 hour Piano Marathon

March 10th FNL featured FNL piano player Matt Grinke, interviewed by his brother, Joel Grinke.  And this improvised piano/interview segment kicked off another 22 1/2 hours, where Matt performed every genre of music in a one-man piano marathon.  Yep, he was joined by friends – blues and jazz players, musical theatre singers, and Grandma bringing […]

Will Shelfox Magically Steps In

Our fabulous magician friend, Joel Eddingtonrecently returned from Nicaragua … sick.  His spirit and his mind wanted to do FNL on March 6th, but his body had other ideas. So, Joel introduced us to his fabulous magician friend, Will Shelfox, who agreed to sub in for Joel on March 6th.  Long story short – the sold-out […]

February 3rd, 2017 

February 3rd was a really snowy evening, but it was all warm with love and reflection inside FNL with Shawn and Kohei!  Amazing stories of transformation, and everyone was singing along with the moving ballads ….  Peace, love.  When we remember that is what we were born to be, we can be the healing of […]

January 27th, 2017

So, have you ever done something that really scares you?  Something that there was a real risk you could fail?  We were really nervous about changing our tried-and-true FNL format, but we knew it was time.  We’d been ‘improvising’ for 6 years, and we had lots of feedback that people were wanting to hear more from […]

Friday Night Live re-opens January 27th. Check out our fresh, new format!

Those who have followed the FNL journey for the past few years, will know that we have continued to innovate and respond to the asks and the energy of our FNL community.  From this feedback and our vision of who we want to be for the Lynn Valley Community, we have evolved the format of […]

Fall 2016

This fall at FNL has been a blessing of continuous learning experiences.  From Beverley Elliott’s reflections on childhood and choices we make further down the life path, through Nathen Aswell’s reminder to ‘do that thing that makes you sing’, and our most recent  FNL with Shawn Bullshields story of transition and leaning courageously into that […]

Summer 2016

The FNL production crew is working the programming for the 2016 – 2017 FNL season:  September 23rd, 2016 through May 2017. We are working with the feedback we’ve received from people who attend and participate in FNL, and are continuing to evolve the FNL experience.  We’ve heard you appreciate the musical guests – and would […]

March 25th

  If you were fortunate enough to be at FNL on Good Friday, March 25th … you’ll know it was a GREAT Friday.  Our special guest, recording artist Christopher (The Lion) Arruda, was truly remarkable.  His story of living his life’s purpose, and of what he has learned along his journey, was inspiring.  What we learned […]

February 19th – 2016

We had a great time with Brett Wildeman on Feb 19th!  A folksinger and environmentalist from the Sunshine Coast,  this young musician really modelled for us living a life of passion and purpose. His music was honest and authentic, and he played ‘full on’ with our amazing Ad Libretto improvising troupe!  Life is an amazing journey, into […]