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Spring 2019 Guest Lineup

Here is Friday Night Lives Spring 2019 guest lineup. We are still in the process of building the guest lineup and putting together bio's, so check back often as we fill in the blanks.


January 18th - Matt Grinke's Happiest Big Band On Earth

What started out as an assignment in University grew into a full scale big band that is now called the Happiest Big Band On Earth. This full 17 piece Jazz Big Band brings a fresh sound to Disney favourites with arrangements written by Matt Grinke and played by some of the hottest Jazz musicians in Vancouver.

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Matt Grinke's Happiest Big Band On Earth


January 25th - Box Of Chocolates

A truly local band, all of the “Chocolates” live here in Lynn Valley / North Vancouver and share a love of music. Five of the six members first met when their children attended Lynn Valley Parent Participation Preschool, just across the street from the church.

Since that time band members have often crossed paths in a variety of social and musical circles but only recently formed Box of Chocolates. In the spirit of community and with a focus on vocal harmonies, the band will be performing a fun repertoire of folk, pop and bluegrass tunes; as varied as the band members' musical backgrounds! (Sweet/Salty and kinda nutty – something for everybody!) Indeed - a box of assorted chocolates!

Who do you find in Box of Chocolates?

Vocals; Janice Beaudoin –alto, Jennifer Swanston – tenor, Alana Taylor –soprano

Instrumentalists; John Beaudoin – Bass, Kirk Taylor – Ganjo & Guitar, Doug Medley – Fiddle

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Box Of Chocolates


February Ist - Beverley Elliott

Beverley Elliott is a Canadian actress and singer-songwriter. She is best known for playing the role of Granny in Once Upon a Time, Maggie Krell in Harper's Island, Brick Bannerman in Kingdom Hospital and Sally Duffield in Bordertown.

Beverley is an amazing performer with a huge list of credits. FNL invites you to learn more about Beverley at  her web site - Click Here

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Beverley Elliott


February 8, 2019 - Cherelle Jardine - Stone Poets

Scott Jackson, Cherelle Jardine and Marc Gladstone. Collectively they are Stone Poets…Their music has been described as “contemporary folk” … folk perhaps, because of the instrumentation: keyboard, two acoustic guitars and rich, harmony laden vocals… contemporary because the subject matter in their songs ventures into uncharted waters sometimes…

Friday Night Live is very excited to have Stone Poets come and spend an evening with us. 

Visit their web site


Eventbrite - FNL Presents Stone Poets


February 15, 2019 - Off Key Improv

Using suggestions from the audience, the Off Key Cast & Band create music, characters, songs, stories and choreography all on the spot. FNL's fall 2018 season openers, Off Key is coming back for a return engagement. Off Key's style is to use a blend of different musical and improvisational skills, structures and forms to provide audiences with show that they can connect to while at the same time being dynamic, truthful and progressive.  Shows can be funny and light-hearted to sad, shocking and thought-provoking. But one thing is for sure, they are always amazing. 


Eventbrite - FNL Presents Off Key Improve


February 22, 2019 - Shawn Bullshields

Shawn Bullshields is a singer/guitarist, and has a natural charisma and professional delivery that combines a repertoire of songs from the genres of pop, blues, country and folk: the point where they intersect is through his masterful singing voice.  He commands instant attention because his voice conveys the truth, beauty and deep meaning within each song, expressed with the full weight of his personal life experience.  Shawn sings from the heart, and each song is a gift.

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Shawn Bullshields


March 1st, 2019 - The Great Plains

Featuring Saskia And Darrel Delaronde

*Great Plains* are a veteran touring act; with an easy, crowd-friendly
style that instantly endears them to any audience. This is true Canadiana;
real songs, drenched in our culture and heritage delivered in comfortable
highly skilled sets with oodles of self-poking humor. A taste of celtic, a
dab of bluegrass, a touch of folk all wrapped around extremely beautiful

They perform throughout all of Canada and Western Europe and have
cultivated an immense following…… winning over their fans one town, one
hall at a time.
*An evening filled with friendship and laughter, this is a show not to be
missed    *

Visit their Web Site

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Great Plains


March 8th, 2019 - Chrisses and Misses

Friday Night Live is thrilled to have Chrises and Misses joining our line up this season. Chrisses and Misses is a 4-part harmony group from the Lower Mainland that specializes in arranging and performing eclectic covers and original tunes in a variety of genres from Americana to jazz and everything in between.  Debbie Cane, Francesca Smilgin-Box, Chris Lok and Chris Petty met singing in a local choir, Sing City, and decided to start a pared-down musical project on their own.   Chrisses and Misses likes to keep its arrangements spare, with vocals and vocal harmonies front and centre, cradled by background rhythms and accents from guitar,  cello, harmonica and percussion.  Chrisses and Misses have performed to packed local venues in Vancouver.   They are very excited to make their debut on the North Shore!

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Chrisses and Misses


March 15th, 2019 - FNL Special Event



Quayside Voice

Countermeasure features 13 of Canada’s top vocal talents, performing innovative arrangements of pop favourites, classic jazz standards, and original songs. Their diverse songbook has equipped the group to headline international choral concerts, play the main stage at jazz festivals, entice club-goers onto the dance floor. Incorporating innovative live looping, instrument imitation, and vocal percussion, Countermeasure enthralls their audiences worldwide with their dramatically choreographed shows and flawless harmonies. They have won multiple awards from Contemporary A Cappella Society of America, include Best CAL Album, best video, and for songwriting.

Visit Countermeasure's Web Site here


Quayside is THE West Coast's A Capella Pop Squad, delivering fresh remixes of top 40 hits all with only their voices. Each show brings high-energy & heart felt performances featuring stellar vocals, beat-boxing, and creative movement. 

The squad is loaded with talent. On top of their vocals, each singer has been professionally educated. From piano, guitar, to choreography, Quayside taps into these skills when writing each song or arrangement. They're passionate about A Capella too, and are excited to be a top band of this genre in the Lower Mainland.

Visit Quayside Voices Web Site here

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Countermeasure


March 22nd, 2019 - Heather Soles with Miles Black on Piano and Rene Worst on Bass


Vancouver Jazz fans are in for a real treat. Jazz and Blues singer, Heather Soles, a long time favourite on the Vancouver music scene, will be at Friday Night Live on March 22, 2019. Performing with her will be Vancouver Jazz Pianist, Miles Black, and Bassist, Rene Worst. Miles is well known on the Vancouver scene and is recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished jazz pianists. Rene is an internationally know Bass player.  The artists that Rene has worked and recorded with reads like a list of who's who in the not only in Jazz circles but fusion and rock as well.

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Heather Soles with Miles Black on Piano


March 29th, 2019 - Spring Break

There will be no show this week



April 5th, 2019 - Frank and Madi

Songscape Duo is a classical art song duo founded by Lynn Valley United’s own Music Minister, Frank Chu and American soprano, Madeline Miskie-Jaeger in the summer of 2014.  The duo met while they were both completing advanced post-graduate degrees at The University of Maryland and bonded over many things, including their shared love of all things art song, the perfect balance of poetry and music.  The special genre of art songs requires both singer and pianist to be fully immersed in the poetry and committed to expressing a unified interpretation of verse and music. 

Madeline and Frank are excited to be presenting their “Story in a Song” programme for the FNL audience.  Each of the selections chosen contains a story told through song. The program also contains a mixture of English and German Art Songs as well as some cabaret and Musical Theatre selections. 

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Songscape Duo featuring Frank Chu  and Madeline Miskie-Jaeger


April 12th, 2019 - The ACT

Singer/songwriter trio

The ACT is a trio of Vancouver singer-songwriters who perform in the round, singing songs and telling the stories behind them. A is for Andre Chrys, a talented touring performer with two albums and numerous collaborations in his credits. C stands for Chris Lok, a returning Friday Night Live alum (you can also check him out in Chrisses and Misses) solo artist, and multi-instrumentalist. The T in the ACT is Taryn Laronge, an in-demand Indigenous recording artist and performer whose music has been featured in Canadian films. Their sound draws inspiration from Americana, roots, folk, and blues.


Eventbrite - FNL Presents - The ACT


April 19th, 2019 - Jesus Christ Superstar Singalong

Movie night at FNL

This has become an FNL tradition. Every year around this time (Easter) we show the Wembley Stadium version of Jesus Christ Superstar. But we do it with a twist. It is a singalong. It's always a lot of fun and it is free - just show up.

April 26th, 2019 - Jeff Standfield

Folk and Blues

Jeff is a regular on the Vancouver scene, performing a heartwarming blend of acoustic folk and blues. His music is rooted in an irrepressible passion for living life to its fullest. Overcoming his own physical challenges, he celebrates both the struggle and the beauty of life in song. Jeff has performed on TV, radio, at folk festivals and hosted an open stage showcasing artists from the disabled community to help them gain experience. Jeff comes to FNL through the Vancouver Adapted Music Society, or VAMS.

Learn more about Jeff here

About VAMS

Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) was co-founded in 1988 by two Vancouver musicians, Sam Sullivan and Dave Symington, both tetraplegic.

Sam, who played keyboards, and Dave, a drummer, formed the society to tackle the barriers faced by musicians such as themselves – issues they had not come across before they became disabled as a result of sports injuries.

Sam and Dave formed a band around this time, Spinal Chord, with guitarist Don Alder and bassist John Shepp. Spinal Chord achieved national airplay, using their music as a vehicle for raising awareness of the talents of people with disabilities. In the mid-90s, the band members went their own ways. Sam entered politics, becoming mayor of Vancouver in 2005; Dave worked as a disability advisor at the University of British Columbia; Don has a highly successful solo career (and he has played at FNL); and John is a highly regarded producer/engineer (and multi-instrumentalist) working in the Vancouver area.

Learn more about VAMS here

Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Jeff Standfield

May 24th, 2019 - The Piano Adventures of Frank Chu: where a solo pianist meets a collaborative pianist!

Lynn Valley United Church Minister of Music, Frank Chu, will be joined by various musical friends to present an evening of cello music, vocal selections and the monumental work “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgski, to show the various “jobs” a pianist can take on.


Eventbrite - FNL Presents - Melanie Dekker