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The Home Stretch

It is hard to believe that we only have 5 regular season shows left before FNL breaks for the Summer. The last regular season show is on May 11th with The Deana Knight Tree-O. Coming up this week is Ross Douglas then Richard Lett. Then FNL’s very own Matt Grinke is going to debut his […]

Cheer Them On

For the March 16th and the March 23 FNL shows, some of the regular FNL crew will be away. Some strong supporters of the show have stepped up and along with the regular crew  that is staying behind, they will make the show go on. This is no small task. Joel will be hosting the […]

FNL’s First Show of 2018

January 19 is our first show of 2018. I couldn’t be more excited that Beverley Elliott is going to be our opening guest. From her one woman show Sink or Swim to her much loved role as Granny in Once Upon A Time, Beverley is performing artist and star material through and through.

October 6th – Thanksgiving FNL

Reflecting on our FNL of October 6th, featuring our wonderful friend and guest Trent Savage, I am inspired by how lives interconnect, and how we can be changed by serendipity.  FNL sound guy, Len,  originally met Trent when Len was teaching photography at the same school Trent was teaching aboriginal studies.  Trent happened to audit […]

FNL Makes The News

This week, Friday Night Live was featured in an article in the North Shore News. It features a picture of our pianist Matt and excerpts from an interview with production team member, Shauna Grinke. It is worth the time to read the article Here is a link to the article  

Opening Night Success

Opening night of a new season always makes me a little nervous, but this year even more than most. Why? Well we made some changes this year. First of all, we changed the start time. Doors now open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:00pm. Even I got a little confused around that one, […]

Good Friday was Better Than Good

The Good Friday FNL was really eventful!  Nyla Carpentier taught everyone some sweet pow wow dancing moves, and then we got ready for JCS movie-watching and sing-a-long.  Of course, you can’t have a movie without popcorn.  Apparently the steam from our popcorn machine sets off the fire alarm, though.  FNL guests (and the nearby homes) were ‘treated’ to the sounds […]

Matt’s Incredible 24 hour Piano Marathon

March 10th FNL featured FNL piano player Matt Grinke, interviewed by his brother, Joel Grinke.  And this improvised piano/interview segment kicked off another 22 1/2 hours, where Matt performed every genre of music in a one-man piano marathon.  Yep, he was joined by friends – blues and jazz players, musical theatre singers, and Grandma bringing […]

Will Shelfox Magically Steps In

Our fabulous magician friend, Joel Eddingtonrecently returned from Nicaragua … sick.  His spirit and his mind wanted to do FNL on March 6th, but his body had other ideas. So, Joel introduced us to his fabulous magician friend, Will Shelfox, who agreed to sub in for Joel on March 6th.  Long story short – the sold-out […]

February 3rd, 2017 

February 3rd was a really snowy evening, but it was all warm with love and reflection inside FNL with Shawn and Kohei!  Amazing stories of transformation, and everyone was singing along with the moving ballads ….  Peace, love.  When we remember that is what we were born to be, we can be the healing of […]