Friday Night Live

Be Together - Be Inspired

And They’re Off

On July 6th, 7th, and 8th, the FNL production team started putting together the up coming season of Friday Night Live. The result is that this season is going to be better than ever. Our lineup of guests is spectacular. We will be starting off by going back to our roots with improv from Off Key Improv. We also have Craig Addy from Under the Piano coming on October 12th and Sweet Scarlet with their unparalleled A Cappella music on November 2nd. Recording artist Devon Hanley here on November 23rd. Micah Barnes is going to be coming all the way from New York City for our Christmas Special which will be opened with a performance from Vancouver Based Choir, Sing City.  And all of that is just for starters. As more of the guests confirm that they will be able to join us, we will be posting them on the web site. So keep your eyes on this site

Join us on September 21st for the opening of FNL’s 2018/19 season!

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