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Remembrance Day

FNL was on November 10th this year. Devon More came to help us recognize Remembrance Day by performing her one woman show “Berlin Waltz”.  Through music, story, and video projections, Devon took us through her journey as she searched for the Berlin Wall – on bicycle.

Devon’s mixture of both personal reflections of her journey and historical facts blended to tell an eye opening story. There were many things that she talked about that I was hearing for the first time – and I am grateful to have heard them.

The Berlin wall came down on November 9, 1989, some 28 years ago. Since then, Berlin has become known as a great place to visit. I am looking forward to making my way there, in particular to see the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall. There is a section, the longest remaining section in fact, that is now a home for artist to share their work. I find this kind of an ironic end to something that was once both ugly to the eye and offensive to humanity is now used as a place of story telling and beauty.

Devon’s final message was strong – the human spirit cannot me suppressed. Eventually it will win out.

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