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What Do You Do On Friday Night?

What do you do on a Friday night after a long draining week?  Sitting at home in front of the TV is an option but there is another option available every Friday night and that is FNL. No stress getting there as it is just around the corner in Lynn Valley, free parking, complimentary pizza, treats, coffee and tea and the opportunity for a glass of wine twice a month.

FNL is an opportunity for the community to gather to share themselves. The artists come prepared to not just perform but to spend some time in an intimate venue giving the audience a glimpse into the person behind the performance. The audience is also invited to share stories with each other. This is what makes FNL such a deeply moving experience but at the same time light and enjoyable.

This week we listened to Andrea Superstein just back from touring singing with her jazzy funky style and then telling the audience about why she has a picture of a raccoon on the front of her promo shot. It turns out she loves taxidermy!

Last week long time jazz great John Pippus stepped out of his usual jazz style and played story songs that he never has the opportunity to perform. During the interview he would reach over and grab his guitar to demonstrate how he works out a chord progression or a riff.

The week before, our FNL fave Shawn Bullshields held the audience spellbound as he sang an anniversary song to his wife.

Intimate experiences shared to bring people closer together.

Myrna Pearce

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