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Les Finnegan – our ”Friday the 13th” guest – I wonder.

Well, Friday the 13th is often the ‘spooky/creepy/no-good-news’ Friday.  Not so with our guest Les Finnegan!  Of course, Les was a remarkable musician.  But more than that, he is a remarkable human being   At FNL, we explored all the ‘Friday the 13th’lore’ that is in the world now.  Yikes!  The state of international relations.  Yikes!  Climate change …. and the life-shattering experiences of those in Puerto Rico, Houston, Southern California, Florida.  Yikes!  Gun control debates …. and the impact of senseless violence in Las Vegas. How do we respond?  We can distress, blame, continue to ‘awful – ize’ the stories.  Or, we can look right in front of us, right now.  We can change our stories.  We can celebrate the goodness in the world.  We can seek to change the injustices that are right in front of us in our own communities.  Be thoughtful, loving, kind in each interaction. Whether those interactions are with our grocery store clerks, our business colleagues, our friends and family.   Know that love,  faith, hope and grace are beautiful gifts that we can use to change the world.  And the greatest gift is love.  How do I use that every day, for the healing of the world?  I wonder.

Peace be with you.  See you Friday!


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