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October 6th – Thanksgiving FNL

Reflecting on our FNL of October 6th, featuring our wonderful friend and guest Trent Savage, I am inspired by how lives interconnect, and how we can be changed by serendipity.  FNL sound guy, Len,  originally met Trent when Len was teaching photography at the same school Trent was teaching aboriginal studies.  Trent happened to audit Len’s photography course, and they learned  more about each other.  Fast forward now 5 years, and Trent has been a guest at FNL 5 times.  Each time, he has shared his story and inspiration generously, leaving those he meets having a beautiful and uplifting experience!   Reflecting on all of the ‘chance happenings’ that took place in order for Len and Trent to meet makes me realize how truly interconnected we all are on this planet.  This Thanksgiving, I know that when we each manifest the gifts of Spirit – love, joy, gratitude, peace, compassion, patience, kindness and generosity …. we  all will all be helping to make the world a better place for everyone.   May it be so,

Peace, friends.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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