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Opening Night Success

Opening night of a new season always makes me a little nervous, but this year even more than most. Why? Well we made some changes this year. First of all, we changed the start time. Doors now open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:00pm. Even I got a little confused around that one, wondering why it was 7:15 and only one couple was there. Next, will the people come. Yes, we had a lot of regulars at the end of last season and FNL was known in the community – but will people remember over the summer break. Kinda like that song “See You In September”. And of course there is always the worry that will the gear work!

Well, some people did show up at 7:00, but for the most part, the new doors open time was noticed and people started showing up in earnest at 7:30 and built up to a good sized crowd, and the show went off without a hitch.

Our guest artist blew me away. Here name is Chersea and she is a loop artist. Playing several instruments at one time, layering them on top of each other creating a wonderful sound – and then this beautiful voice rounded out the music to the point of being magical. In her interview with Blair she took command, sharing stories of her life that were nothing short of inspiring.

Over all, I could not image a better opening night for this FNL season.

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