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Matt’s Incredible 24 hour Piano Marathon

March 10th FNL featured FNL piano player Matt Grinke, interviewed by his brother, Joel Grinke.  And this improvised piano/interview segment kicked off another 22 1/2 hours, where Matt performed every genre of music in a one-man piano marathon.  Yep, he was joined by friends – blues and jazz players, musical theatre singers, and Grandma bringing him sandwiches …. but he was on piano for 24 hours, as a fundraiser to support him getting to the Edinburg Festival Fringe with his improv pal, Alan Marriott.  Matt far exceeded his financial goal, and is grateful for the huge support of love from the community.   What did I learn this FNL?  Currency comes in all forms …. relationship, love, connection, time, prayers.  It was a 24-hour ‘FNL’ I will never forget.

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