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Will Shelfox Magically Steps In

Our fabulous magician friend, Joel Eddingtonrecently returned from Nicaragua … sick.  His spirit and his mind wanted to do FNL on March 6th, but his body had other ideas. So, Joel introduced us to his fabulous magician friend, Will Shelfox, who agreed to sub in for Joel on March 6th.  Long story short – the sold-out crowd was wowed by Will – his easy-going, authentic style, and his mind-blowing magic!  So, FNL now has a new, fabulous magician friend to add to our line-up. Thank you, Joel for introducing us, and thank you Will for playing with us! (Joel will return to FNL on May 29th! Yay!)

I learned so much at FNL on March 6th: about generosity and community-building from our friend Joel, and about how parents and teens can co-habitate during Spring Break from our Improvisers.  Alan, Liz and Ellen created an amazing musical piece where the sloth of Netflix-binging was able to shift with a bit of magic … Everyone at FNL was singing along! I am reminded that engaging in life pays us back over and over again.  What a gift!  Our only response can be gratitude.

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