Friday Night Live

Be Together - Be Inspired

January 27th, 2017

So, have you ever done something that really scares you?  Something that there was a real risk you could fail?  We were really nervous about changing our tried-and-true FNL format, but we knew it was time.  We’d been ‘improvising’ for 6 years, and we had lots of feedback that people were wanting to hear more from our artists, and thought improv, although really fun, wasn’t an ‘every Friday’ kinda thing.  Everyone always loves hearing Matt, and wanted to hear him every Friday.   …. So, we ‘stepped off the cliff’ and are try9ing ‘A New Thing’ ….. music and stories.  More time with our Guests.  Matt with a new band to open and close every Friday.  And ….. it was a remarkable opening night.  Our Guests, Illiteratty literally filled the space with energy and innovation.  Their stories of how they interpret ‘meta-folk’ as their ‘New Thing’ was fun, authentic and funny.  The ‘kitchen party’ pre-and post show felt like ‘home’.  We’re hoping we have the foundation to build a real FNL ‘community’ of people who love sharing, being ‘in the moment’ and being inspired by artists that love their craft.

We don’t know where this will go …. but we know we will continue to explore and improvise.  We will pay attention to what we are called to do in this beautiful community, and continue to evolve FNL to be relevant, inspiring and engaging.  We are so loving exploring this experience with the lovely people we attract!

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