Friday Night Live

Be Together - Be Inspired

Fall 2016

This fall at FNL has been a blessing of continuous learning experiences.  From Beverley Elliott’s reflections on childhood and choices we make further down the life path, through Nathen Aswell’s reminder to ‘do that thing that makes you sing’, and our most recent  FNL with Shawn Bullshields story of transition and leaning courageously into that which we are called to do.

Ya gotta be here.   Life is not lived in a past remembered, or a future imagined.  It is lived now.  In the present.  Unscripted.

Many blessings.  In all of Lynn Valley United’s programs and offerings to the community:  Who ever you are;  Where ever  you are at in your spiritual journey …. you are welcome, accepted, loved here.

May peace be with you,

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