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Trent Savage

Trent is a FNL popular regular guest – you can count on songs you know and love, and a sing-a-long opportunity! He spent his early career recording albums, touring and performing across Canada, Europe and the US. His music has been used in stage, film and television productions.

In the past few years, Trent has turned his focus back to his local music community. He is the host of several ‘open mic’ nights, and the he has produced a music documentary called ‘my 15 minutes,’ which showcases some of the world class talent right here in Vancouver!

Trent can be seen every week in local pubs and restaurants doing a mix of rock, pop and classic rock cover songs. And, he is currently in the studio recording an album of original songs. Trent plays in an un-orthodox manner, incorporating loops and a wah-wah pedal to the sound of his acoustic guitar as he improvises over familiar songs. Trent always injects his own sound into the songs and takes them in new directions, while keeping the spirit of the music intact.